Brazilian dance – Zen altitude

Brazilian dances are as culturally rich as the country itself. This Brazilian cultural dance workshop offers you an opportunity to embark on a journey of music and dance to discover the north and south of Brazil.

  • Opening periods From 31/03/2023 to 31/03/2023.
  • Additional openings Friday 31 March 2023 between 11 am and 12 pm.
  • Location Méribel 73550 - Maison du Parc - Réserve de Tueda - Méribel - Mottaret
  • Prices Gratuit.
  • Spoken languages English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Complementary reception What to bring: Soft clothing, a pair of sneakers. Bring a small bottle of water.
  • Additional reservation Uniquement sur réservation auprès de Cler par e-mail ou téléphone au 06 26 15 62 09

  • Environment Mountain location
  • Age group à partir de 10
  • Group size jusqu'à 20 personnes
  • Pets allowed No


  • Address Maison du Parc - Réserve de Tueda, 73550 Méribel

Additional location Bus Stop: Chatelet Only accessible by foot.