Which 3 Vallées resort should I choose?

September 27, 2021

The heart of the 3 Vallées

Holidaying in the mountains in summer or winter always starts with a seemingly simple question: which resort should I choose? For those who want to go to les 3 Vallées, the question is even more relevant, as there are no less than 7 resorts in this, the largest ski area in the world. Lots of people therefore ask which resort in the 3 Vallées they should choose. And which is the best resort to ski in les 3 Vallées?

To help you make your mind up, allow us to explain why Méribel is known as “the heart of the 3 Vallées“. This is a story of the harmonious union of two opposites. On the one hand, an intimate and authentic resort. On the other, a location in the centre of les 3 Vallées, the largest ski area in the world.

Welcome to the geographic centre of the 3 Vallées ski area!

Are you having trouble deciding which of the 7 resorts in les 3 Vallées to choose? In Méribel, we have the incredible privilege of welcoming you to the heart of the largest ski area in the world. Méribel is therefore the resort that offers the best access to the 600km of linked slopes which you can explore with a 3 Vallées ski pass.

Enjoy endless ski runs

If you’re an experienced skier, skiing in les 3 Vallées will allow you to discover an unlimited number of characterful runs. Snow is guaranteed 150 days a year thanks to the 11 links located above 2,000m, which make it easy to switch from one valley to another. In addition, the 3 Vallées ski area is an ideal place to learn to ski, as 56% of its slopes are blue or green. As a bonus, in Méribel you have easy access to fun zones and beginner areas.

Varied ski experiences in a unique area

Have you never been to Méribel before? Come and enjoy the sun:

  • on the east-facing slopes. Here, intermediate and beginner skiers will discover fun runs in the Yeti Park, Little Himalaya and Family Cool areas.
  • on Mont Vallon for experienced skiers. This nearly-3,000m summit is sunny in the morning, and offers unforgettable views. Come and admire two of Nature’s wonders: the Gébroulaz glacier and the peaks of the Vanoise National Park.

The ski resort of Méribel, in the heart of les 3 Vallées, offers the dual advantages of easy road access from the valley floor (Moûtiers), and of staying in the best location to access the 339 ski runs in the 3 Vallées ski area.

Travel back in time to the historic heart of les 3 Vallées

Are you looking for an authentic valley that isn’t littered with enormous concrete buildings? Méribel has been the historic heart of the 3 Vallées for over 80 years. Over the decades, this resort has fought to preserve its traditional architecture. As a result, you will discover a typical Savoyard village consisting of wooden chalets, each a little jewel of traditional Alpine architecture.

This picture-postcard setting exudes a cosy and calm atmosphere. One of Méribel’s priorities is to make its visitors feel at home, and this explains the attention lavished on its accommodation: traditional chalets, modern apartments and cosy hotels…
It is this quality of accommodation that has made Méribel a popular place for nature-lovers and people who appreciate beauty. Our aim has always been to create the ideal setting where you can recharge your batteries and be with your loved ones.

Discover elegance in the heart of les 3 Vallées

Do you prefer to avoid resorts that attract their clients with ostentatious luxury? Are you looking to find a discreet and refined resort? Méribel is appreciated by those who have a taste for beautiful things and authenticity and who care about details. Our resort is the embodiment of elegance in the heart of les 3 Vallées.

Elegance is a unifying value for all of those who work in the Méribel valley. You can find it in the smallest details of your stay, both on the slopes and once you have put your skis away. For example, come and:

  • discover the secret charms of the mountains and immerse yourself in nature on a snowshoe outing led by a mountain guide;
  • delight all your senses in our best restaurants, because French elegance finds it highest expression through gastronomy.

So, from first light of day until late at night, wherever you are in Méribel, you will find savoir-vivre, the French art of living well, which characterises our valley and its inhabitants.

Les 3 Vallées will make your heart beat faster

Are you wondering which 3 Vallées resort to choose? In that case, what you are looking for is not a ski resort in les 3 Vallées, but a destination that will offer you extraordinary experiences. We know that we are the emotions we experience. Yet the mountains have the power to create unforgettable memories and to make the time we spend together last for longer.

Whether you’re looking for thrills or unique family moments, come to Méribel – it’s what you heart is telling you…

Taste the freedom of off-piste skiing

Some people will love spending two days off-piste and a night in a mountain refuge with a local guide. They will discover the most beautiful off-piste areas of les 3 Vallées: the Col du Fruit, the Lac du Loup or the Vallée des Encombres.

Mini-adventures for all the family

There are also plenty of mini-adventures for the whole family. For example, you can build an igloo and learn to recognise wild animal tracks in the snow. These shared family experiences are precious. They will become anecdotes told at family gatherings and memories that have the power to bring us together for years to come.

To be at the heart of les 3 Vallées, in its most obvious meaning, is to be in the best place to make the most of an exceptional ski area and enjoy its unlimited experiences. But we also know that its excellent location is nothing without the men and women who, every day, allow Méribel to embody elegance at the heart of les 3 Vallées. We have sought to preserve this identity since the creation of the resort. We are therefore proud to welcome you to a resort that has managed to remain authentic, harmonious and respectful of its surroundigs, at the heart of the largest ski area in the world.