Méribel The Explor Games: a fun treasure hunt

Enter the Tueda Plan Nature Reserve and discover its fauna, flora and beautiful winter and summer landscapes by playing the Explor Games.

Méribel Explor Games

An adventure that makes you the hero

This winter, take part in a unique Exploration Game® in Méribel at the Tuéda Nature Reserve in the heart of the Vanoise National Park.

A digital treasure hunt with real riddles and tasks

If you enjoy both the virtual and natural worlds, why not immerse yourself into this exploration game which combines the two! Explor Games® are scripted adventure and exploration games which immerse you in a unique experience. In this adventure, which combines elements of escape games and geocashing, you will hunt for flash codes and solve puzzles to complete a quest. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled, and use your head as much as your legs to avoid the traps and reach the end of an intrigue-filled journey.

Save the Méribel Valley by finding a legendary object

Plunge into Mottaret’s nature reserve around the Tuéda Lake, in the company of Bzeille (a crafty nutcracker bird), Potte (a mischievous marmot), and the valley’s ghosts, Amélie and François. Confront a threat and unlock the secret of the mountain through real discoveries that the virtual world leads you to, and make your way through the adventure. The valley greatly needs your help to bring peace to the mountains… but will you be able to find the Heart of Méribel?

Discover Meribel « Explor Games® » in video

A leasure activity that appeals to all

While the little ones can have fun hunting for markers, older children will be on the lookout for clues… This convivial hunt is designed as much for children (from 6 years) as adults. Form a team of 1 to 8 players and get on the rankings!

The walk is a game, and the game is the visit

In winter or summer, you should allow about 2 hours to discover the Tuéda Reserve while solving the mystery of the quest. Surrounded by alpine flora and fauna, you can enjoy both the challenges and the beauty of the site. You will need your phone to use as a compass, but the answers will be found hidden in the natural surroundings.

How to play?

  • Download the « Méribel Explor Games® » App on the Apple Store or on Google Play
  • In the App, download « The Quest for the Heart of Méribel »
  • Set out on an adventure!

Rule of the game : you must find hidden flash codes along the way. With each flash code, a challenge awaits you. The mobile App can be downloaded free of charge on your smartphone or tablet. Then all you have to do is be guided along!

What to take with you : outdoor footwear, touchscreen gloves, as well as a back-up battery.

Information : Along your route, your path will sometimes coincide with the cross-country ski trails. Please do not get in the way of cross country skiers. Dogs are not allowed.