Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon is committed to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports through the creation of innovative equipment that allows people to play, progress and challenge themselves in their chosen outdoor sports.

The company produces and sells premium footwear, winter sports and mountaineering equipment, hiking equipment, and apparel specifically designed for all of those disciplines.

Products are developed in the company’s Annecy Design Center, where engineers, designers and athletes collaborate to create innovative solutions that continually improve the outdoor experiences of those who see nature as a vast playground.



Freedom in its genes, heritage in its veins. Since its creation in 2005, Vicomte A. has gone beyond fashion and transcended styles to be a true guardian of #FrenchElegance. The authenticity and modernity of the collections are seen at a glance for all French fashion enthusiasts. Our timeless looks convey the quintessence of French elegance while allowing our customers to express themselves and associate themselves with the image of success.

The best for the best. A jacket lining in a cheeky print, a charming two-tone collar, an extravagant pair of socks, anything is possible when you wear Vicomte A.

Every season, Vicomte A. creates a complete, original and inspiring wardrobe for modern men and women who cultivate the French art of living and a certain idea of natural presence. Noble materials and carefully selected fabrics make Vicomte A. a brand that upholds French traditions and “savoir-faire”.

From the meeting between Vicomte A. and Méribel was born a capsule collection.  A collection that draws its inspiration from elegance, a value shared by both entities. The proposed models reflect the DNA of the resort in a British chic spirit: long-sleeved polo, round-neck jumper, sleeveless down jacket and beanie.