The best moments of this winter season

April 28, 2023

Do you remember the snowy mornings when the only sound was the skis sliding on the fresh snow? Do you remember the warmth of the fireplace after a day on the slopes?

Winter is over but its memories remain engraved in our minds…moments of joy, thrills, shared emotions that we experienced together in Méribel.

We applauded the champions during the World Alpine Skiing Championships in February, we laughed, sang, danced, and above all we savoured every moment of this winter season.

So, let yourself be carried away by the magic of winter in Méribel and look back with us to the best moments.

The opening of the resort: December 10th

The anticipation was palpable, and we were eager to welcome you back for a winter season full of surprises.

On 10 December, Méribel finally opened its doors, giving skiers and winter sports enthusiasts an unforgettable first day.

And to celebrate the occasion, we organised an exceptional après-ski session on the Mottaret snow front, with the presence of the synthpop duo Synapson, who fired up the crowd of skiers, seasonal workers and holidaymakers.

Christmas holidays: magical moments

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending the festive season under a blanket of snow, surrounded by those you love?

The illuminated streets, the strolls through the snow and the reunions with family and friends created an atmosphere of magic and conviviality that enchanted young and old.

But the highlight of the festivities was undoubtedly the dancefloor on 31 December, where we celebrated the arrival of the New Year together in an explosion of joy and good humour.

One of the most fabulous days: 19 January

On January 19th, Méribel was dressed in its best white coat and offered the skiers the dream conditions they so badly needed.

An azure blue sky, a brilliant sun and fresh snow as far as the eye can see, enough to make the heart of the ski lovers vibrate.

On this day, the riders rediscovered the unique feeling of freedom that powder snow brings, an indescribable emotion that it is time to relive together.

The Alpine World Ski Championships

From 4th to 19th February

Remember, it was only a few months ago. The resort was ready to welcome the greatest alpine skiing champions. Sportsmen and women from all over the world came to compete on the Roc de Fer piste and defy the laws of gravity.

But it was not only that, it was also a moment of sharing, conviviality, music and celebration. Open-air concerts on the Médal Plaza, smiles everywhere, unifying moments that brought together all generations.

You were there too, dancing to the rhythm of LEJ, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Feder, Danakil, C2C, and applauding the achievements of the champions during the medal ceremonies.

And today, it is with a certain amount of nostalgia that we look back on this fortnight that united us all around a common passion: skiing.

The Jazz Variations Festival: from 23 February to 16 March

The Jazz Variations Festival was also one of the highlights of this winter season in Méribel. The second edition was a real success with talented artists who thrilled the audience.

Caloé, Will Barber, Uptown Lovers and René Lacaille were the guests of honour at this festival organised as part of the Cultural Brackets.

The jazz evenings attracted many visitors in search of musical discovery and shared experiences. The magic of jazz worked and created a unique and friendly atmosphere that will remain engraved in the memories.

The arrival of spring and the return of powder snow

Spring was already on its way when the snow started to fall on the night of March 19th to 20th, giving Méribel a real winter renaissance.

Skiers and snow sports enthusiasts were able to take advantage of exceptional snow conditions to hurtle down the slopes, while nature lovers enjoyed a peaceful snowshoe walk under a warming spring sun.

A memorable day, as beautiful as the alpine landscapes offered by the Méribel mountains.

The fastest gondola lift in the world: our April fool's joke

On April 1st, a little joke was organised for the traditional “April fool’s day”. We humorously announced that the Saulire Express gondola would be increased from 17km/h to 50km/h, making it the fastest gondola in the world.

Of course, this was a joke. No need to bring your sick bags when you come next season.

More powder: April 13

On April 13th, with only two weeks to go before the Méribel ski area closes, a wonderful surprise was offered to holidaymakers with almost 20 centimetres of fresh powder on the slopes.

This beautiful snowfall was accompanied by bright sunshine, making for a memorable day for all lovers of skiing and nature activities such as snowshoeing, hiking around Lake Tueda and horse riding.

This ski season in Méribel has been a success. Great snow conditions, memorable cultural and sporting events, sunny days on the slopes and unforgettable moments with family and friends.

We have all had the chance to experience magical moments, to create memories that we will not soon forget. Now it’s time for us to say goodbye to our snowy mountains.

But it is only a goodbye, because next winter we will have the opportunity to rewrite this history, to create new memories, to live new adventures.

See you soon!