Programme for your easy ski day in the 3 valleys

May 24, 2022

The most beautiful panoramas of the 3 Valleys.

An easy ski day in the 3 Vallées

Contrary to what you might think, the world’s largest ski area is not just for experienced skiers. Did you know, for example, that 50% of the slopes in the 3 Valleys are green or blue? 150 easy slopes have been carefully designed and shaped for the enjoyment of beginners and intermediate skiers and boarders.

These green and blue runs are the best place to learn to ski or board and to ride with your family. The slopes are wide and gently sloping and are designed especially for beginners. You can therefore make your first turns in complete serenity, in dedicated and adapted areas.

These 150 green runs offer very different atmospheres and sensations. This is what made us want to offer you 2 itineraries for skiing with children or intermediates in the 3 Valleys.

Magnificent panoramas, nature experiences or secret spots of the 3 Valleys… Your easy ski day promises you an adventure accessible to any level of skier, thanks to these complete itineraries for skiing all day on the green and blue slopes of the 3 Valleys.

Experienced skiers? Discover our programmes for a day on the slopes with your partner or friends.

Itinerary no. 1: The most beautiful panoramas of the 3 vallées accessible on easy pistes

This first easy ski itinerary allows you to discover 4 exceptional panoramas of the 3 Vallées accessible via blue and green runs. You will be able to spend the day skiing on easy runs and visit the most beautiful 360° viewpoints of the 3 Vallées.

Panorama N° 1

La Saulire

The departure is from Méribel-Mottaret starting with the Pas du Lac 1 and 2 gondola to climb to the top of Saulire.

The highest point in the Courchevel valley, the summit of La Saulire is one of the 3 Valleys’ must-see viewpoints. In this high mountain atmosphere, enjoy a breath-taking view of the main peaks of the Vanoise, the Écrins and the Mont-Blanc massif!

Panorama N° 2

The Col de la Loze

Drop down to Courchevel via the lac Creux, Altiport and Bellecote slopes. Then take the Loze chairlift and the Arolles piste to join the Dou Des Lanches chairlift which takes you up to the Col de la Loze.

The Col de la Loze is the third highest pass in Savoie at an altitude of 2,304m. It offers an incredible view of the Tarentaise valley. Admire at the same time, the summits of the Vanoise and the valley below.

Panorama N° 3

Pointe de la Masse

Then descend to Méribel via the lovely easy slopes of the Altiport, a really special place where you feel complete confidence. Thanks to the Forêt and Doron slopes, you reach the foot of the Tougnete 1 gondola. Then, using the Perdrix green run, you arrive at the Plattière gondola and the Bouquetin chairlift which climbs to the summit of roc des 3 Marches.

Next head down to Les Menuires on the blue 3 Marches piste. Once in Les Menuires, you can go up to the Pointe de la Masse via the new Masse 1 and Masse 2 gondolas.

The Pointe de la Masse is the highest point of Les Menuires at 2 804 m. This spell-binding panorama allows you to admire both the Lou valley and the Maurienne valley. You can then descend from the Pointe de la Masse by the blue Bouquetin, then Vallon runs. These bring you to the Reberty chairlift, then Bruyère 1 and 2. From the top of the latter, a short blue run takes you to the viewpoint of the Col de la Chambre.

Panorama N°4

Col de la Chambre

At the Col de la Chambre situated at 2,850m of altitude, why not immortalise the moment by taking a picture of your group in one of the giant frames decorated by designer Lauriane Miara. The end-of-day light at a 360° panorama will make your photos even more beautiful.

Take the blue lac de La Chambre, and Ours pistes which offer views over the Tueda lake and then return to Méribel Centre via the Truite run.

Itinerary no. 3: Off the beaten track in the 3 Vallée on blue runs

This second easy ski itinerary offers you the opportunity to ski the natural treasures of the 3 Valleys. For nature lovers, those who enjoy easy skiing in the forest or who want to discover the fauna, this is the perfect itinerary. Then, in a second phase, this itinerary takes you off the beaten track to discover the secret and isolated corners of the largest ski area in the world on blue runs only!

Nature escapade in the forest

The departure is from Méribel Centre. Climb to the Col de la Loze by the Rhodos 1 and Rhodos 2 gondola. Then access the Loze chairlift by the Blanchot green run.

Then head into the Courchevel valley, to La Tania, via the blue Arolles and Folyères runs. Take the time to enjoy these two beautiful slopes which wind through the forest… From La Tania, take the La Tania gondola and the Dou Des Lanches chairlift.

Next, you come back to Méribel via the Col de la Loze to discover the Animal piste, a very easy green piste, in the forest. If you are skiing with children, you can spot the animals and try to recognise their calls… As a bonus, in 2021, the Animal piste has been given a new look so that you can admire animals that are even more beautiful and realistic than ever.

Solitude on skis

Back in Méribel Centre, you can then take the Legends chairlift to the top of the Roc de Fer. Then take the short green Escargot run, followed by the blue Gelinotte run to reach the Olympic chairlift.

From the top of the roc de Fer, head to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville via the blue Verdet and Biolley runs. At the photo spot on the roc de Fer, simply pass your lift-pass in front of the reader and a photo is automatically taken, capturing an unforgettable moment, in the heart of breath-taking scenary!

Next, take the Saint-Martin 1 gondola lift and the Saint-Martin Express chairlift to the Tougnète summit. This allows you to descend to Méribel by the blue runs: Crêtes, Jerusalemand the beautifully wide Choucas run.

If there is enough snow, such that the piste is open, try a variation by taking the Gélinotte piste towards the Raffort piste. You can then come back up to Méribel Centre in the new cabins of the Olympe gondola.

On this little frequented itinerary between Méribel and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, you can take your time and ski with your family in complete peace. So come and discover how wonderful it feels to ski practically alone on easy and intimate slopes.