Méribel Measures taken in accordance with the government's energy reduction plan

When you love the mountains and want to enjoy the immense ‘playground’ it offers throughout the year, you naturally want to protect it.

The commitment of the ski lift operators

The ski lift operators are committed to continuing to offer you a quality product while reducing their impact on the environment.

For winter 2023, they have implemented new measures:

Reduce CO2 emissions through the use of plant-based fued

As a replacement for diesel, some of the snow grooming machines will be powered by a bio fuel called HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). It is derived by reprocessing waste products (animal fats, cooking oils, etc.) and reduces “CO2 emissions by more than 90%” and creates no more nitrogen oxide emissions compared to conventional diesel.  The other advantage of this fuel is that it is compatible with existing diesel engines which therefore do not require conversion.

Creation of a double-sided solar power plant

The summer of 2022 marked an important step in the gradual transition to energy autonomy planned for the Méribel ski lifts.
An innovative photovoltaic plant has recently been installed at the mid-station of the SAULIRE EXPRESS lift. With a surface area of more than 400m², it is made up of 182 double-sided panels which use the sun all year round plus the reflection of the snow in winter thanks to the “albedo” effect*. The 149 cells produce electricity on both sides.
* The ALBEDO effect is the reflectivity of a surface, i.e. the ratio of the reflected light energy flow to the incident light energy.


Show cannon replacement

Snow cannons use water that is stored at high altitudes during periods when it is plentiful, which is then cooled naturally to produce snow. In spring, the water melts and is returned to the natural environment. In order to guarantee a high quality ski area, the use of snow cannons is essential, especially at the beginning of the season.
The new generation of snow cannons are increasingly energy-efficient. Over the last few years our snow cannons have been gradually replaced and will continue to be renewed until 100% of them are of the new generation.  This is allowing a drastic reduction in water and energy consumption.

Snow depth managed by GPS

The thickness of the snow cover is measured using GPS, which makes it possible to know the snow depths over a large part of the ski area. The use of this technology improves the quality of the skiable surfaces and considerably reduces the production of cultured snow, the consumption of water and energy and the number of hours of grooming required.

In Méribel, we know that initiatives taken today will make a difference tomorrow.

Concrete measures taken in accordance with the government’s energy reduction plan

In order to contribute to the national energy-saving drive and to comply with government requirements to reduce energy consumption, the ski lift companies have adapted their operating methods in order to reduce energy by 10% while guaranteeing a quality experience and pleasurable skiing.

The measures detailed below have been designed to be imperceptible during your stay.

  • Rationalise the production of cultured snow

    Produce the minimum amount of cultured snow, while guaranteeing “3 Vallées” quality, thanks to GPS management of the snow depth.
    Produce this snow only during off-peak hours, so as not to consume energy during the peak consumption periods in France.
  • Modify the speed of ski lifts

    Modify the lift speed according to the number of visitors and the weather conditions.
    Encourage our customers to fill up seats or cabins to avoid wait times.
    Rest assured, this will have little impact on your lift ride time. At most, this will be one or two minutes longer than in previous years.
  • Alter the opening hours of three lifts according to their usage

    We have measured the different hours of use and the number of people using every lift in Méribel.
    The Mont Vallon gondola, the Mûres Rouges and Châtelet chairlifts have low usage at the end of the day. This is why we will optimise operating times by closing the Mont Vallon gondola and the Mûres Rouges chairlift 30 minutes earlier, while the Châtelet chairlift will open 30 minutes later and close 30 minutes earlier.
  • Cancellation of the Himalaya By Night sledging evenings

    Sledging evenings take place at the end of the day during national peak energy consumption periods. They require lifts and lighting to be operated at peak times.

All the measures detailed above (solar power plant, updating snow cannons, rationalisation of cultured snow production, management of lift speed and opening hours) will enable us to save more than 10% of our energy consumption and to play our part in the national drive for energy restraint as required by the government.