Méribel Alpine World Ski Championships

CSR policies that take into account sustainable development issues, both environmental and social.

The 2023 World Championships organising committee CSR policies

The Courchevel Méribel 2023 World Ski Championships Organising Committee has put in place a CSR policy that takes into account sustainable development issues, both environmental and social. These are at the heart of the project led by the Organising Committee, which aims to transform an ephemeral event into something lasting to leave as a legacy and contribute to a more responsible and inclusive society. Since the bid, one of the pillars of the overall strategy has been the charter of 15 environmental commitments drawn up by the Ministry of Sport and WWF.

Courchevel Méribel 2023 uses the international standard ISO 20121 as a reference to ensure that CSR issues are taken into account in all activities related to the event. Indicators and targets have been defined for each objective.

A first carbon audit with a “broad” calculation boundary (which takes into account travel made by visitors, spectators, journalists, etc., and not only what happens on site) was carried out during the 2022 World Cup Finals, and a second one will be carried out after the 2023 World Championships, in order to measure the impact and the progress between these two events.

These studies will enable a virtuous circle to be set in motion, as the results will be shared with the whole of the region and with the Ministry of Sport, to maintain positive achievements and improve what can be improved.

4 major themes and 9 strategic objectives :

  • Preserve the mountains and their fragile ecosystem by reducing our impact on the environment and the climate by reducing waste and lowering our carbon footprint.
  • Organise a responsible event, which promotes the region by buying responsibly and by promoting the region and its stakeholders.
  • Offer a festive, inclusive and accessible event by ensuring access to people with disabilities and by promoting gender parity amongst the organising teams.
  • Leave a positive legacy which promotes ecological and societal transition by training and raising awareness to contribute to improved practices.


In Méribel, we are fortunate to be able to host the women’s events for Alpine World Ski Championships without requiring any new construction.

In fact, no building or infrastructure has been created especially for this event. In order to meet FIS conditions to host the Alpine World Ski Championships, the Roc de Fer piste underwent work last winter but it was already being used for competitions and will continue to be used over the coming years. This piste has already hosted many international events, including the last World Cup Finals in March 2022. The same goes for the race finish area (La Chaudanne) which already existed.

The Parc Olympique, which is located close to La Chaudanne, and was built for the 1992 Winter Olympic Games, will be used to meet the needs of the teams and press. Grandstands and a tent village will be added for the event, but these, obviously, will be removed once the event is over.