Interview portrait : Sandrine Orisio

February 05, 2024

From 12 February to 8 March 2024, don't miss this series of workshops and an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by the artist Sandrine Orisio. Private viewings will take place every Monday evening, while nocturnes will be organised on Thursdays.

Inspiring encounter with the artist Sandrine Orisio

To mark the occasion, we met Méribel-born Sandrine Orisio, a mountain dweller at heart and a painter for over 20 years. She passionately shares her artistic journey and the profound influence of the environment on her art. It’s a story that transcends her canvases, revealing the very evolution of her identity over the years.

Memories of a mountain childhood

A sunny, cheerful personality, Sandrine stands facing the majestic summit of La Saulire, revealing the profound influence of her childhood in the mountains on her artistic work.


Sandrine: I’ve been a painter for over 20 years. I didn’t study specifically to become a painter, but I’ve never given up despite the hazards inherent in the profession. It’s more a question of taste and life circumstances. An unwavering desire that has developed over time.


How would you describe your connection with the mountains?

Sandrine: I grew up in the mountains, in Méribel. The valley is very important to me. It’s a family haven, with a history, traditions and values that are close to my heart. The mountains aren’t just about skiing, they’re about nature, the birds that fly over the peaks… There’s something about freedom. We’re kings of the world when we’re on top of the mountain!


And Méribel? 

Sandrine: Welcome, warmth and nature. A warm and friendly atmosphere with its architecture and family image. There’s also the skiing and the mountain setting: exceptional sites here like the Tueda nature reserve, hiking in the Vanoise park between lakes, glaciers and mountain pastures. 

When nature inspires art :

Ever since she was a child, Sandrine Orisio has been fascinated by mountain flowers, animals found in the forest and other wonders that surround us. Representing the environment, which is at the heart of her art, is an expressive way of conveying messages that are both ecological and humanist.


How does nature influence your artistic expression?

Sandrine : I paint trees, animals… to show that this is what is important. The things that surround us are my testimony. In my paintings, I work a lot on all the elements of nature which, in my opinion, have retained a pure aspect. On the other hand, I don’t paint people. I depict man as a stick figure because I feel that our understanding of the earth has not evolved. We are both creators and destroyers of what surrounds us.





Ecology is clearly important to you, it’s a message you want to convey in your work. But are there others?

Sandrine : Yes, humanist messages. Paying attention to the environment and loving everything around us, without making distinctions. And most importantly, we mustn’t forget where we come from. Comfort and modernity run the risk of making us lose our deepest essence, which is Mother Earth. It may sound a little naive to talk about it like that, but for me it’s the crux, the core of all life.

Travelling as a source of inspiration :

The artist has also travelled extensively. Each of her expeditions has helped to shape her personal development, as well as that of her art.



You have mentioned some of the things that inspire you: nature, your inner balance, your travels… what other sources of inspiration are reflected in your art?

Sandrine : I’ve travelled a lot in my life, and I’m also a sort of shaman. I have my outer journeys, to the other side of the planet, and my inner journeys that nourish my painting through colours that are rich in visions. Everything is possible! I can create without logic, mixing styles without any barriers. I give myself total freedom. Above all, each colour has a vibration. They nourish the creator and the viewer, who will feel an emotion. For me that’s the whole point of painting: to make people feel something.


What journeys have left a lasting impression on you?? 

Sandrine : The first major trip I made was to China, and for a long time it was a source of inspiration in the overall vision of my life as an artist. Then there was a recurring trip to Patagonia in Argentina. Over there, I learnt to look more closely, because there is very little vegetation due to the semi-arid climate. So as soon as there’s a plant or a tree, it takes on greater proportions. This has led me to explore our surroundings in greater depth. More recently, Mexico!  That’s where I found my colours: red, yellow…


Find ones own mountain

Sandrine Orisio is thrilled and very proud to be presenting her work in the town where she grew up. In addition to the exhibition, Sandrine Orisio will be running workshops designed to introduce visitors to the work of Samivel, a mountain painter.

Sandrine : Adults and children alike will be inspired by the artist to “create their own mountain”. This means that people, with their own unique sensibilities, make the place their own, expressing what the mountains mean to them?


Do you have a story to tell us about this project? 

Sandrine : At my first exhibition at the Méribel Tourist Office, I presented my first paintings, including a particularly dark and morbid one depicting a monstrous woman with two heads. A woman, moved to tears when she saw it, sat down in front of it. When I told her I was the artist, she hugged me and cried, asking me what had possessed me to create such a work. I explained that it was a way for me to express the darker side of myself that I wanted to get out. She confided in me that she had been through horrible experiences, and it was then that I realised the powerful impact my paintings could have on people’s emotions, both positive and sad. This episode left an indelible mark on my artistic perception.


Has this experience led you to paint more positive, colourful things?

Sandrine : No, it’s the fact that the older I get, the happier and more colourful I become. Often the creator paints who he is. The palette is the artist. It’s all me. You can see the difference as my paintings evolve. Today, I’m very happy to be able to present my artistic evolution. I’ve come full circle!


Any last thoughts to share with us?

Sandrine : As it’s a place that’s going to start holding exhibitions again, I hope there’ll be more! Not necessarily with me, but the fact that the Méribel Tourist Office is continuing to reach out to artists is a plus for the resort. For which, I’d like to thank the Tourist Office, it’s amazing. It has really touched me and I’m very grateful.

Explore Sandrine’s artistic world further by taking part in “Sandrine’s Workshops” from Monday to Friday, 3.30pm to 6.30pm, in the auditorium hall. 

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