Physical preparation for skiing: 5 tips to shine on the slopes

October 24, 2023

The days are getting shorter, autumn is revealing its orange hues, and every fresh breath reminds us that winter is just around the corner.

For ski aficionados, it’s the long-awaited signal: the new ski season is about to get underway! ⛷

And what better way to mark this reunion than on the immaculate slopes of the 3 Vallées ski area and the Méribel valley? If you’re feeling the anticipation too, make a note of the date: on Saturday 2 December, Méribel will be opening its doors to skiers hungry for some downhill action.

But before you can enjoy the soft friction of your ski edges on the snow, a little work is in order. Yes, because to fully enjoy every turn, every schuss, you need to be in top form!

So, dear intermediate and experienced skiers, if you want to be king or queen of the slopes from day one, dive into these invaluable tips with us to prepare your body for the call of the mountains. ❄

1. Cardio in altitude mode: more endurance for more descents!

Ah, altitude! It can play tricks on you if you’re not properly prepared. A good cardio workout is the first step to getting ready to hurtle down the slopes of the 3 Valleys. Start HIIT training.

Think sprint intervals, which simulate the intense sensation of a schuss, followed by recovery periods, reminiscent of those quieter moments in the powder.

And for rest days? A bike outing in the valleys to remind you of those gentle descents…before a family ski holiday! 🤩

2. Nutrition and hydration: fuel up for long days on the slopes!

Before you hit the red and black runs, make sure your body has the fuel it needs. A diet rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates will give you the energy to ski from morning to night.

And after skiing? Remember to rehydrate well and give your muscles the essential nutrients to recover…while enjoying the music scene! 🎶

3. Muscles of steel: for powerful, controlled turns!

Let's go to Méribel this winter

Forget about shaky legs after a fiery descent. Strengthen your thighs and calves to master parallel turns and technical sections. Incorporate squats, lunges and plyometric jumps into your routine for maximum explosiveness. You’ll quickly feel the difference between the poles during slalom sessions. 💪

4. Yoga: more than just a trend, it's an asset on the slopes!

For perfect bows when carving or control when skidding, balance is key. And what better way to develop it than through yoga? Postures like the candle or the warrior improve not only balance but also flexibility, which is essential for avoiding injury when you fall… inevitably.

Incidentally, to maximise the use of your Méribel ski pass, good physical preparation with yoga could be your best ally. 🤗

5. Méribel, the ultimate playground: warm-up and technique first!

Saturday 2 December. The big day has finally arrived. The one you've been waiting for for months. But before you set off on the Roc de Fer, take the time to warm up.

A few dynamic stretches, circular movements of the joints and you’re ready to hit the slopes. And don’t forget: technique before speed. Remember to review the basics, concentrate on your position and balance, and let the mountain do the rest.

Why prepare physically? To get the most out of Méribel! All the work you do before going up to the resort is to maximise your pleasure once you’re on the slopes. And when we talk about Méribel, we’re talking about pure pleasure!

With its breathtaking scenery, exhilarating descents and new additions to the ski area every season, it would be a shame not to be at the top of your game. Make sure you’re well prepared, because Méribel deserves your very best.

The resort’s legendary slopes aren’t there just to be admired, but to be ridden with passion and mastery! 🔥