Preparing your rucksack for hiking

August 09, 2023

Planning to enjoy the fresh air of Méribel on your next holiday?

You may be wondering what essentials to include in your rucksack for a successful hike.

Whether you’re planning a short stroll or a long trek along some of the most beautiful trails in the Alps, preparing your rucksack efficiently is a key step to a comfortable and safe hike.

But don’t panic! Whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced explorer, this article is here to help you sort out the essentials from the superfluous.

Get ready to discover the summer charm of Méribel, well equipped and in complete peace of mind!

Why is it essential to pack your rucksack properly?

Ah, summer in the mountains! The sweet song of the marmots, the fresh air, the breath-taking panoramas… There’s nothing like a good hike to reconnect you with nature. 😍

But before you lace up your boots and hit the trails, there’s a crucial moment ahead: packing your rucksack. And believe us, it’s not a task to be taken lightly.

Why, you ask? Well, just imagine yourself in the middle of a trail, in glorious sunshine, and then… oops! You’ve forgotten your sun cream. Or worse, you’ve twisted your ankle and there’s no first aid kit in sight. And what about those little hunger pangs that hit you in the middle of your effort? Yes, you can see where we’re going with this. 😅

A well-prepared rucksack is your best ally in the mountains. It ensures your comfort, safety and peace of mind throughout your journey. 💪

In the mountains, the weather can change rapidly and certain unforeseen situations can arise. A good backpack prepares you for these situations and allows you to enjoy your adventure to the full, without unnecessary worries.

Prepare your rucksack for a day hike


Once you’ve decided on the itinerary for your hike, it’s time to concentrate on the contents of your rucksack. And do you know what? It’s a bit like preparing a good picnic… with a few extras for the adventure! 🌞

Here are the essentials to pack in your rucksack:

  • Water: At altitude, hydration is your best friend. Don’t forget to pack a well-stocked water bottle. And why not add a few slices of lemon for a touch of summer?
  • Snacks: After all, hikers need fuel. Think dried fruit, cereal bars, or even a ham and butter sandwich. What’s the point? To avoid a mid-course slump!
  • Sun cream: Ah, the mountain sun! So pleasant… but also very powerful. Don’t forget your sun cream to protect you from UV rays.
  • Appropriate clothing: In the mountains, the weather can change rapidly. A light rain jacket, a hat for the sun and an extra layer for the cold can make all the difference.
  • First-aid kit: Because you never know, prevention is better than cure. A few bandages, compresses, antiseptic and why not a little elastic bandage for minor sprains.

What to pack for a longer hike

Planning a multi-day hike through the magnificent Méribel trails? Then your rucksack needs to carry a bit more than just a day’s worth.

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, you’ll need extra food, camping gear if you’re planning to bivouac, and navigation tools to make sure you stay on the right path. 🏕

But don’t forget, one of the joys of hiking in the mountains is also stopping for the night at one of the many welcoming refuges in the area.

Organising and packing your backpack correctly

Now that you know what to pack, let’s talk about how you’re going to organise it all in your rucksack. Organisation is the key to a smooth hike. 😎

Distribute the weight evenly throughout your bag to avoid straining your back, with the heaviest items in the centre and close to your body, for good balance. Essentials, such as snacks or sun cream, should remain within easy reach.

For added convenience, consider using plastic bags or storage pouches to keep everything in place.

By preparing your rucksack carefully, you’ll be able to concentrate on the essentials: enjoying the splendid natural surroundings of Méribel without worrying about rummaging through your bag looking for something lost.

So preparing your rucksack is like preparing your suitcase for a trip to the mountains: it takes a minimum of time and forethought. But the most important thing when you go hiking is to have your windbreaker or a waterproof jacket in your rucksack, even if the sun is forecast to be shining throughout your adventure. 😉