Méribel Fun guaranteed!

Enjoy the playful slopes and snowparks without moderation.

Fun slopes

Discover the slopes

  • Ludique-Inuits-Ski-Famille-360-185

    The inuits piste

    Discover the Far North in the heart of the Altiport forest. Slalom between the games and peak ice animals, then have a break on the village, where the Inuits will welcome you with games and entertainments.

    Level: Green – very easy
    Access: Rhodos Gondola or Altiport Chairlift
  • Ludique-Yuni-Ski-Famille-360-185

    The Yeti Park

    Gambler at heart, enter the gates of this magic beginner area and find Yooni the Yeti!

    Level: Green – Very easy
    Access: Combes Chairlift
  • Ludique-Animaux-Ski-Famille-360-185

    Animals tracks

    Follow the slope through the forest; learn about the animal tracks and have fun learning to recognise their calls… This year the animal track gets a makeover with new games and more beautiful and realistic animals than ever.

    Level: Green – Very easy
    Access: Altiport Chairlift or Saulire Express 1 Gondola
  • The Altaï dragon

    Set out to discover the Altai Dragon trail and find the full-sized dragons hidden all along this fun piste ! Take it easy on the hammocks and comfortable Pic Bleu Chalet, perfect to enjoy a picnic in the forest.

    Level: Blue – Easy
    Access: Loze Chairlift
  • Funny-Run-Ski-Famille-360-185


    Within the playful and accessible area suitable for all levels, the Bump-N-Jump offers you an easy and safe playful experience. Let yourself be carried by the waves of snow for maximum sensations!

    Green – Very easy | Blue – Easy

    Legends Chairlift
  • Ludique-Turn-n-run-Ski-Famille-360-185

    Turn & Run

    What about a little competition with your childrens ? Try to follow them on this new fun run, through the snail, little snow bridge and whoops!

    Access: Plattieres Gondola or Chatelet Chairlift

Explore snowparks

Open Park

Try your hand at freestyle on the wide boxes and mini moguls of the ROOKIES zone or perfect your style on the kickers of the PRO zone! Welcome to the OPEN PARK, the park accessible to ALL levels!


Challenge your friends on the whoops and banked corners of this boardercross !