The snack guide to Méribel

May 23, 2022

Goûter à Méribel

Find the addresses for a snack on the slopes or in Méribel

Skiing can be tiring. A hot drink and a sweet or savoury snack will not only help you to stay warm but also treat your taste buds. This is one of the charms of mountain holidays: the moments of indulgence, without guilt!

Snack time is also an essential part of family holidays. It allows you to recharge your batteries and enjoy a convivial family atmosphere.

Are you looking for more of a gourmet experience after a busy day of skiing, or do you prefer a snack break directly on the slopes to recharge your batteries before the last runs of the day?

Find the addresses for a snack on the slopes or in Méribel, in a cosy lounge near a fireplace or on the terrace with a view of a magnificent panorama, a homemade pancake or a pastry, savoury or sweet… A tasty treat is always on the menu for gourmet skiers, whatever their age and whatever the time of day.

Snacking with your skis on

Where to stop for a comfortable snack break on the slopes of Méribel

You want to take a break to enjoy time out with your loved ones while filling up on energy with a sweet or savoury snack. The restaurants on the slopes, and therefore accessible on skis, are the ideal place for this.



This restaurant is located in the heart of the Altiport forest in Méribel. It is therefore accessible on skis. With the atmosphere of a trapper’s cabin in the wilds of Canada, albeit a comfortable one, this wooden chalet, nestled in the heart of a spruce forest, is perfect for a break in the sun. Access is via an easy ski run, just follow the signs!



Come and discover the crepe chalet of this hotel on the 3 Vallées slopes, in the heart of the lively centre of Méribel-Mottaret, with a breathtaking view of Mont Vallon. Accessible directly from the slopes, the crêpe chalet is open from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm. On the menu you will find: classic sweet pancakes, authentic savoury pancakes, not forgetting original pancakes such as the Paris-Méribel, a pancake filled with white chocolate and a red fruit compote.



This traditional and friendly hotel is located in the middle of the ski slopes. It is right at the foot of the Adret chairlift and is only open during the day. Treat yourself to a Nutella panini or an Italian ice cream, and enjoy the last minutes of sunshine at the end of the day..



Located at the foot of the Roc de Tougne, this restaurant is accessible by ski from Méribel via the Tougnète 2 gondola and the Dahu piste. This chalet on the slopes is open every day, perfect for a little snack stop. Whether sat around at table or in one of the deckchairs on the terrace, you can enjoy a hot chocolate and delicious homemade pancakes..

Where to grab a quick snack on the slopes?

Would you like to have a quick and convenient snack break before setting off again on the slopes? The resort’s sheltered areas and picnic rooms allow you to have a snack on the slopes, but in comfort!



Located at the start of the Saulire Express gondola, this area offers you a friendly and relaxing environment for your snack breaks. In this heated room, ideal for eating and resting, enjoy a panoramic view of the outside. Microwave, tables, chairs and free wifi are at your disposal.



To relax and have a snack break before going back on the slopes, you can stop by the PIKNIC’N RELAX room located under the Pas du Lac cable car on the Méribel-Mottaret snow front. In this room you will find: sofas, kitchen area, wifi, terminals to recharge your smartphones and many other amenities.



At the top of the Roc de Tougne chairlift, head towards Méribel. The chalet is located 40 metres below the arrival of the chairlift. This small wooden hut welcomes you for your snack breaks on the slopes. Tables, chairs and magnificent views… This mountain space is not without its comforts as glove warmers and chargers for your smartphone are available..

Hotels to visit for a snack in Méribel and its neighbourhoods

For discerning skiers who want to enjoy an unforgettable taste experience in the elegant and refined environment that characterises Méribel, then the Méribel hotels’ snack offers are sure to please.


Take the time to enjoy a gastronomic experience in this large, authentic and elegant lounge.  You can enjoy the tasty treats prepared daily by the pastry chef: tarts, cakes, cookies or cakes… A generous buffet awaits you after a day spent working out on the slopes.



The Savoy’s High Tea formula is the must-have afternoon snack in Méribel. Whether you prefer savoury or sweet, everything is possible, but above all everything is home-made. As a bonus, you can enjoy your hot drink comfortably seated by the fireplace..



The fireplace in the bar of the Allodis hotel is the perfect place for a chic and quiet break. From 4 pm, let your taste buds savour tasty treats: cakes, brioches, brownies, madeleines… A wide choice of pastries will delight young and old gourmets alike..



Tea and chocolate, accompanied by a sumptuous trolley of pastries, are served in the late afternoon in the lounge bar of the Grand Coeur & Spa. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation for your mind and pleasure for your taste buds. Enjoy the view of Mount Vallon through the large windows surrounding the lounge area.

Snacking and nature activities

What if snacking rhymed with mini-adventure? Explore nature with your family and be rewarded for your efforts with an original snack break!

Family snowshoeing & chocolate fondue outing

Come and spend some time in the heart of nature, for a snowshoe walk in the Altiport forest. Relaxation and pleasure will be the order of the day, with the possibility of enjoying a chocolate fondue in an igloo at the end of the snowshoeing trip in the snow. This is a family moment that will satisfy both gourmets and sportsmen.