The top ski equipment trends for this winter

October 24, 2023

Ah, winter! The time of year when the air becomes crisp, every breath a fleeting mist and the mountains cloak themselves in a thick coat of white.

As the first snow flakes timidly appear, every rider knows that this is the signal to pull out the battens and start fantasising about the powder sessions to come. But before diving headfirst into that ocean of snow, and after checking out the season’s new products in the resort, have you taken a look at this winter’s equipment trends?

Every season brings its share of new developments in the world of skiing. Whether it’s sleeker designs, improved functionality or greater ecological awareness, the trends are evolving, offering an ever richer and more satisfying experience for ski enthusiasts. The emphasis is on performance, but also on comfort and durability, reflecting a change in the way we perceive and experience our relationship with the mountains.

Salomon, one of the resort’s emblematic partners, stands out in this panorama of innovation. With flagship products such as the SUPRA BOA S/PRO boot, the ADDIKT PRO ski and the QST ECHO 106 ski, Salomon perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the times, combining technical features with respect for the environment.

So, dear winter sports fans, hold on to your poles, because together we’re about to take on the major trends of this winter. Ready to pick up the pace?

La technologie au service du confort

As the ski industry evolves, one thing remains constant: the relentless quest for comfort. After all, even the most passionate skier wants equipment that enhances their experience, rather than compromising it. Modern technology, integrated into ski equipment, meets precisely this need.

The need for comfort

Let’s be honest, the feeling of having a ski boot that presses in all the wrong places, or trousers that don’t breathe, can really ruin even the most epic descent. Thankfully, with advances in technology, these kinds of worries are increasingly relegated to the past. 🤩

Whether it’s footwear with revised ergonomics or technical clothing that adapts perfectly to your morphology while guaranteeing optimal evacuation of perspiration, technology does everything it can to ensure that every rider can concentrate on what’s essential: gliding.

Focus on Salomon's S/PRO SUPRA BOA®.

Imagine a ski boot that embodies both technology and design: it’s the S/PRO SUPRA BOA® from Salomon. Designed specifically for the modern skier, it fuses comfort and performance through innovations like its thin shell and Sensifit mesh.

Forget traditional hooks; here, the BOA® system ensures a precise and comfortable fit for the foot.

The vision behind this shoe was to merge two areas of expertise to create a product that pushes the boundaries. And it looks like Salomon has succeeded. 😎

Eco-responsibility in ski equipment

The mountains, that sanctuary of tranquillity and beauty, are a constant reminder of our intimate connection with nature. In the vast world of skiing, the fusion of technology, performance and sustainability is booming.

The environmental emergency: when white snow meets green

We live in an age where every choice counts, every purchase is a vote, and every turn on the slopes is a statement. In the world of skiing, sustainability is no longer just an asset, it has become an imperative. We, the riders, know how crucial it is to preserve the snowy peaks we cherish so much. Increasingly, we are seeking to combine our passion for skiing with our ecological awareness. And the ski industry has understood this, as has the resort of Méribel with our commitments.

Salomon's initiative with ADDIKT PRO

At the heart of winter, Salomon’s ADDIKT PRO shines not only with its advanced Blade technology and the flexibility of its Motion Tail technology, but above all with its commitment to eco-responsibility. Over and above its prowess on the slopes, this ski illustrates the future of sport: performance while respecting the planet.

Rather than extracting new plastics, Salomon has innovated by recycling existing production chips for the Addikt range. Less waste, reduced energy consumption and peak performance: the Addikt Pro redefines what it means to “ski green”.

Lightness in the spotlight

The wings of freedom in the mountains are measured in grams. In the world of skiing, where every detail counts, the quest for lightness has never been more pronounced. So how can a reduction in weight transform your experience on the slopes? Let’s dive into a world where less is definitely more.

The importance of lightness

When it comes to skiing, every gram counts. Riders know this: lighter equipment transforms the experience. Imagine venturing into the heights for some ski touring: every step becomes easier, every movement more fluid. You feel less pressure on your feet and legs after a long day on the slopes. As the day progresses, you realise the difference this lightness makes, not only in reducing fatigue but also in manoeuvrability. Whether you’re a freeride enthusiast or a piste skier, lightness has become an essential pursuit.

A striking example: Salomon's QST ECHO 106 ski

Meet Salomon’s new QST Echo 106. Designed in collaboration with athlete Cody Townsend, this ski represents a revolution for backcountry touring aficionados. More than just a board, it’s a vision: maximise performance, both on the way up and on the way down, while sporting an eco-responsible badge.

Lightness: that’s the key word. For those looking to push back the boundaries, climb higher and descend with confidence. With its karuba and poplar core, reinforced with basalt fibre and Cork Damplifier, it offers the perfect combination of lightness on the way up and stability on the way down. And let’s not forget its green credentials: 30% recycled materials in the cover and 100% recycled ABS in the Double Sidewalls construction.

Méribel sports shops: your next stop on the trend!

After drooling over all these new products, you’re probably wondering where you can try them out, right? Well, don’t panic! Méribel isn’t just about its legendary slopes and breathtaking scenery. It’s also a multitude of boutiques and sports shops spread throughout the different districts of the resort.

From Méribel-Centre to Mottaret, via Les Allues, passionate professionals will guide you through the season’s innovations. This will be your chance to admire the latest comfort-enhancing equipment, or to try out the eco-responsible gear that’s all the rage.

So, every season, new innovations are introduced, promising new adventures for you, the enthusiasts. Whether you’re aiming for ultimate performance, comfort in every turn or a greener world, the ski area is constantly renewing itself.

And brace yourself! As we take a look at the next trends, good old disco is back. That’s right, retro style is back in a big way, with its old-fashioned motifs and vintage colours that are making young riders’ hearts beat faster. Just goes to show, when it comes to skiing, even fashion has its lifts!