The video series Welc[H]ome

Imagined and produced in Méribel

Though this professional freerider and former competitor on the Freeride World Tour has travelled around the world in search of powder, he remains deeply attached to his native Méribel valley.

He alone knows the secret of how he lays down such beautiful yet impossible tracks every winter in Méribel.

In this webseries, and in the five episodes of the previous series, Jérémy Prevost invites you into his ‘home’ to sample his favourite spots and breathe in the special atmosphere of the Méribel valley.
Nestling at the heart of les 3 Vallées, the world’s largest ski area, Méribel boasts numerous legendary freeride itineraries. With everything from high peaks to snowy forests, Méribel offers a widely varying playground for powder-hounds and lovers of the wide open spaces, an authentic ski world which forged Jérémy Prevost’s skiing and personality.

Made with care by Jérémy Prevost and Méribel Tourisme, Welc(h)ome will delight all mountain lovers. The series is also shown at prestigious mountain film festivals such as the High Five Festival and the Winter Film Festival.

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