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Ski touring

How about exploring the Méribel ski resort from a different angle? Discover the natural wonders of the region on touring skis!

Ski touring is an activity that combines the thrill of skiing with the opportunity to really unlock the secrets of the mountains. Unlike traditional skiing, where you use ski lifts to reach the summits, ski touring involves ascending the mountain yourself using “sealskins” attached to the underside of your skis. This is a more challenging but also more reflective way of skiing. In perfect harmony with nature, it embodies the spirit of adventure and freedom.

In Méribel, you’ll find 2 signposted ski touring runs, and other unmarked itineraries, to be enjoyed under your own responsibility.


The best ski touring routes ⛰️

Ski touring

Get out the skins and rucksacks. With ski touring, the adventure begins where you leave the piste.

Another way to enjoy skiing: 

With ski touring, you have total freedom to explore the nooks and crannies of Méribel, to escape to the core of the mountains without relying on lifts, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the resorts. For many, it’s also a more environmentally-friendly approach.

Ski touring is also a great way to learn more about mountain safety, as well as areas such as mapping, snow conditions and weather forecasts.

Where to ski tour in the Méribel valley? 

Discover ski touring: 

📍  The roc in Méribel Mottaret : a 2 km route with a 370m positive gain, this marked touring route is the perfect introduction to touring uphill with skis and skins.

📍 The pic Bleu starting from Méribel Village: this is a 5.5m itinerary with a 600m positive climb if one starts from the snow front of Méribel Village. In order offer a maximum of possibilities this route has multiples access points so that it can be approached in different sections.

For the more experienced :

📍  The Gébroulaz glacier: A breathtaking itinerary on the most beautiful glacier in the Vanoise.

📍 The Col du Borgne via the Glacier du Borgne: This route comprises three stages, beginning with a steep descent, followed by a 250-metre ascent in sealskin, and finally a descent through the Glacier du Borgne.


The best ski touring itineraries


Safety advice:

Some of the ski touring routes in Méribel Village are signposted but not safety-protected: you use them at your own risk. It is therefore important to follow these safety rules:

  • The ski touring itinerary is only accessible during ski area opening times (including ascent and descent).
  • Ski touring uphill is prohibited on downhill ski pistes!
  • The descent is not permitted on the ascent route. On arrival at the summit, return down the downhill pistes.
  • Before you set off, check the snow conditions, weather and avalanche risks with the relevant authorities.
  • It is recommended that you wear an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. Make sure you have the right equipment.
  • Make sure you have the necessary level of alpine skiing for ski touring (particularly downhill skiing).
  • Some sections are shared (pedestrians, cross-country skiers), so be sure to respect other users and keep to the sides.

If in doubt, professionals (guides, ski schools) offer introductory lessons.