Bring your dog to Méribel

January 20, 2023

Are you planning to come to Méribel on holiday but wondering if you can bring your dog to a mountain resort?

Perhaps you would like to know on which lifts you can take your dogs, and which are the best walks to do with them? If so, you have come to the right place.

In these pages, you will find all the information you need so that you can enjoy wonderful days in our valley in the company of your favourite pet.

Can I take my dog on the lifts?

With a ‘pedestrian’ pass, you can get up to the highest peaks with your canine walking companion using the gondola lifts. However, it is forbidden to walk your dogs on the ski runs.

Here is a list of the gondola lifts on which you can take your dog in winter providing he or she is in a dog carrier or held in your arms. If you are on foot (rather than on skis) then you can also take your dog on a lead on these lifts.*

  • Télécabine des chalets 
  • Télécabine Pas du lac I
  • Télécabine Pas du lac II
  • Télécabine Plattières
  • Télécabine Saulire Express 
  • Télécabine de l’Olympe
  • Télécabine du Rhodos 
  • Télécabine de Tougnète

*Access to the lift is at the discretion of the lift attendants.

If you are staying in the resort during the summer season, you can take your dog on the Tougnète and Pas du Lac gondola lifts.

Méribel: a world of walks to discover with you dog

Whether you are holidaying in winter or summer, the resort’s walking paths offer your best friend a welcome change of scene.

One of the few places where you may not go with your dog is the Vanoise National Park.

This nature reserve does not allow dogs to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

The top 3 walks to do with your dog in winter

  • 1

    Walk up to la Traie from Méribel Centre

    This fairly demanding walk gives you a magnificent view over the mountains of the Vanoise and the Mont Blanc. Start at les Ravines and walk with your dog to les Granges and then pass through Mergolaz before you reach la Traie. Allow 6 hours for an out-and-back walk. As an alternative, set out from le Villard and follow signs to the Refuge du Christ and Refuge de la Traie for a 2-hour uphill walk.
  • 2

    Walk to the Altiport from Méribel Centre

    This is the perfect itinerary for your dog to discover snow for the first time. The path is easily accessible and passes through the hamlet of Morel. When you arrive at the Altiport, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Méribel Valley. Allow around 3 hours for an out-and-back walk. You can also take a bus back to Méribel Centre.
  • 3

    A walk around the Lac de Tuéda

    With its beautiful natural surroundings and reflexions in the lake of snow-covered pine trees, this stroll with your dog around the Tuéda Lake will delight you. You may walk all the way around the lake providing you keep your dog is on a lead. To get there, take the free bus from Méribel Centre and get off at Méribel-Mottaret at the Chatelet stop.

Before you set out, remember to check with the Tourist Office that the walking paths are open and have been groomed.

The insiders’ guide

Vincent Holzmann, hospitality advisor at Méribel Tourisme

Which walk do you recommend for a dog that likes to play in the snow?

If you dog feels at home in the snow and enjoys rolling in the powder, I suggest you discover le Sentier de la Poésie (poetry path).

Starting from Les Allues, this poetic walk is best done on snowshoes and will take you past 25 poems written in French along the route.

The path is often well snow-covered, which is why it’s important that your dog is used to being in snow.

If you have a St Bernard, an Akita or a Labrador, he or she is sure to love this walk.

The top 3 walks to do with your dog in summer

  • 1

    Walk to the village of Villarnard from Les Allues

    This walk of around 3½ hours combines a visit to local villages and a forest walk. It is worth doing for its beautiful panoramic views over the Lauzière mountains and takes you through the villages of Villaret, Hauteville, Villarnard and Grand Biollay. Part of the trail runs along the Doron River, which is a delight for both you and your dog in summer.
  • 2

    The Villages Circuit, a cultural walk

    Set out from the Tourist Office in Méribel Centre to discover the local heritage of Méribel and Les Allues. You can either walk to les Allues via La Gittaz or Le Raffort. You can take your dog on either route, which means you can plan a variety of walks during your stay in the resort.
  • 3

    The descent to Les Allues along the Sentier des crêtes (ridge path)

    If you are a keen walker and appreciate magnificent views, then this route is ideal for you. During the summer period, you can enjoy spectacular views over the Méribel Valley, Mont Blanc, Mont Jovet, Belleville valley and the distant Aiguilles d’Arves. Allow a good 5½ hour to descend all the way to Les Allues from the start of the ridge walk. We recommend this walk providing your dog is accustomed to following you along fairly steep paths.

The insider’s guide

Déborah Paillas, holiday advisor at Méribel Tourisme

In summer in Méribel, dogs may want to quench their thirst during a hike. Do you have an itinerary to advise us ?

For dogs who like to play in the water, I would recommend the Grand Lac walk through Chandon and Gremaillet.

Starting from Les Allues, you will steadily climb uphill along paths that sometimes border steams.

After 3½ hours, you will reach the Grand Lac which offers exceptional panoramic views.

Your dog will be able to quench his thirst at various watering holes along the way.

Just be aware that you will have to keep your dog on a lead for a small part of the route and the lake may be dry if the summer is very hot.

Doggy bag dispensers are available in all parts of Méribel to help keep the resort clean.

What activities can I do with my dog in Méribel?

The mountains are a rejuvenating and invigorating environment for both us and our animals. Many establishments in Méribel welcome dogs on a lead, which means you can enjoy your stay to the full.

We have listed all the activities you can do with your dog (sports, shops, restaurants, accommodation and other services) in a booklet that you can download.

As you have seen, dogs are made very welcome in Méribel. For dogs, Méribel’s mountains are an XXL playground, in both winter and summer! So all you have to do is have fun together while recharging your batteries!