In Méribel, find 4 different vibes from around the world

December 05, 2022

Would you like your next trip to the Alps to offer you a complete change of scene and new adventures?

Located in the heart of the 3 Vallées ski area, our Savoyard resort offers varied landscapes and a range of different atmospheres so your holiday feels like a proper escape.

Staying in Méribel gives you the feeling of travelling far away.

This winter, pack your bags for Méribel and discover 4 destinations in 1: Canada, Scandinavia, the Himalayas and Austria.

The feel of the Canadian backcountry

For our first stopover, let’s head to Canada. With their XXL ski areas that are ideal for thrill-seeking riders, Méribel and les 3 Vallées will make you feel you’ve journeyed all the way to Canada.

The vast off-piste possibilities are reminiscent of an immense Canadian wilderness covered in powder snow. This backcountry atmosphere will delight experienced skiers looking for truly great skiing. The Mont Vallon, Côte Brune and Grande Rosière spots are here to be discovered. And for expert skiers, the awesome Burgin-Saulire couloirs offer both technical challenges and steepness. Here, you can ski to the max while enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

In short: the Canadian vibe is a result of a magical setting. But this backcountry atmosphere is not limited to nature and skiing. After a day spent off-piste, it’s time to relax in an outdoor wellness area and experience the ambiance of a Canadian hot spring. Imagine yourself in a jacuzzi or spa on a snowy terrace. You are watching the sun set and the starry sky is reflected in the snow around you. This idyllic setting is like a dream come true.

Head to Scandinavia for some ski joëring

Let's head now to Scandinavia. These Nordic destinations are famous for their landscapes and culture. And yet, you don't need to go that far to find their special atmosphere.

Méribel offers you the sport of ski joëring, a fun equestrian discipline which originated in Scandinavia.

What is ski joëring?

Much more than a fun sporting activity, ski joëring is an ancient tradition in Scandinavia. Historically, Shörekjöring – as it is called in its native lands – was a way for country dwellers to get around. They employed their horses to pull them along on skis. Today, ski joëring is an equestrian discipline recognised by the French Equestrian Federation. It combines skiing with aspects of carriage driving through the use of a special harness.

In our resort, ski joëring has become an unmissable leisure activity. Whether you try it with your family or partner, you will be won over by the unique gliding sensation of this equestrian discipline.

A Himalayan stopover in the high mountains

For our third destination, let’s head to the high peaks of the Himalayas. The rocky peaks and spectacular panoramas from the top of our slopes will give you the impression of journeying at very high altitudes in remote Himalayan regions.

For example, the summit of la Saulire offers you a breath-taking 360° view over Méribel, Courchevel, Mont Blanc and the Vanoise glaciers. Early risers may like to go with a local professional to watch the sunrise from the 2,738 metre Saulire summit.

After this voyage to the top of the world, you can ski back to the valley floor on freshly groomed blue runs.

Himalayan atmosphere with Yeti Park

If you are bringing your children to Méribel, make sure you take them on a Himalayan trip at the Yeti Park. Spend quality time with your family on this fun trail and discover the story of Yooni, the little blue yeti.

The Yeti Park is much more than a green ski run; it allows children and families to immerse themselves in a magical Himalayan world featuring prayer wheels, gongs, an igloo and Himalayan trumpets.

Immerse yourself in the Austrian Alps with a ski tour to a mountain refuge for the night

The last destination on our trip is the Austrian Alps. The renowned beauty and Alpine character of Austrian peaks attracts many mountain lovers. When the summer season gives way to cold and snow, ski touring enthusiasts return. They follow mountain trails during the day and stay in refuges at night. But why not try this activity on the French side of the Alps?

If you are looking for new and unique sporting experiences for your next holiday, consider a day ski touring followed by a night in a refuge. Picture the scene: you’ve hiked on skis all day, and now you stop for the night in a refuge in the heart of the snowy mountains. You warm yourself by the stove while the flames crackle. After a well-deserved night of rest, you set out in the early morning, having been awakened by the first rays of the sun.

This wonderful activity requires a certain amount of organisation in advance, including reserving the refuge and choosing the route. It’s worth contacting Méribel’s high mountain guides to plan your trip.

Méribel is an ideal destination where you can travel far without ever leaving the Alps. The resort’s varied activities and landscapes guarantee you a total change of scene. You don’t need to buy a round-the-world ticket, just get a 6-day lift pass instead!