Experienced fishermen or curious holidaymakers, Tuéda Lake welcomes you, from spring, for fly or float, fishing. No licence required this season! Simply turn up with your equipment or hire the necessary materials to the restaurant and purchase the Lake Tuéda Restaurant private card to enjoy fishing on the lake.


Which type of fish can be found in the lake ?

Walleyed, gudgeons, small tench and carp. However the majority are brown trout and rainbow trout (which weigh from 150 g to 4 kg) released every week into the lake. The fish are not fed once in the lake, their food is all natural. Lake Tuéda is unique in that it is closed off. Railings separate it at its inlet and outlet from the adjacent torremt, stopping fish from crossing over and therefore guaranteeing a large number of fish in the lake.

Types of fishing

Lake Tuéda offers two types of fishing. Fly fishing  is recommended for experienced fishermen as it is rather complex for a beginner. It is no kill fishing. This means that fishermen must release the fish. This is made possible owing to the absence of the barb (small hook) when fly fishing. A special rate is offered and an entire day fishing is permitted. The other type of fishing offered is traditional fishing with a float, which we are all familiar with. It is very accessible even to novices. Fishermen are able to keep the fish caught and a card allows you to fish up to 6 fish, whether this takes you 30 minutes or 9 hours. It can be renewed only once. It is possible to fish in any part of the lake EXCEPT the reserve situated at the water inlet.

No fishing lessons are provided but the fishing guide can help beginners. Freelance fishing instructors sometimes organise improvement fly fishing lessons on-site. The best time to fish is early in the morning (avout 7 a.m.). You can also take part in the “evening sesion” fishing, when the sun starts to go down, it is cooler and you get second wind.

Advice from a pro: Fishing when the wind is blowing enables you to trick the fish thanks to the waves on the lake which hide the fly fishing line.


A competition was held at the end of July, open to all fishermen. More than 40 fishermen gathered for the last edition. Different prizes were awarded: the largest fish, best child, the fastest to catch 6 trout, etc.

Lake Tuéda is also sppreciated for its magnificent viewpoints over Aiguille du Fruit, Mont Vallon and the plateau between forests and prairies.

After hiking, running, yoga, or a little fishing, stop at the Lake Tuéda Restaurant for an ice-cream or deink, sat comfortably in a deck chair or taste the homemade trout and fried dishes. Do not hesitate to visit the reserve house located above the restaurant.

Get your rods ready… And fish!