Zen Altitude: 15 days to recharge your batteries in the mountains

March 03, 2023

A rich and varied programme that rhymes with well-being, relaxation and disconnection.

Are you looking forward to the pure mountain air and the spring sunshine? Do you feel like relaxing at altitude and recharging your batteries before the summer period?

Then join the two weeks of Zen Altitude in Méribel. A tailor-made programme designed by Méribel Tourisme’s Animation and Tourist Events department in collaboration with the valley’s professional groups.

See the Zen Altitude video

We met up with Floriane Bredel

Multi-skilled activity leader and in charge of organising the Zen Altitude programme

Hello Floriane, can you describe the Zen Altitude?     

The Zen Altitude is one of the fortnightly themed events that we offer in the resort. It’s an event based on well-being and relaxation at altitude. The aim is to offer various activities and workshops to take care of yourself, relax and recharge your batteries in a privileged mountain setting.

The summer Zen Altitude has existed for 10 seasons while the winter edition was created in 2016. Méribel Tourisme’s wish is to allow locals, holidaymakers, seasonal workers and those living and working here to benefit from a programme of workshops focused on well-being in the resort. Please note that most of the workshops are free and that you have to book your place directly with the speakers. I invite you to ask at the tourist offices if you have any questions.

And don’t forget the date: this year, Zen Altitude takes place from 25 March to 7 April.

How did you go about organising this event?

With my colleagues of the Tourist Animation and Events Department of the Méribel Tourist Office (and especially Blandine Rety, in charge of the events project), we have been working on this new winter edition for several months. The aim is to recontact strong partners who have already participated in previous years. It is often the yoga teachers and massage professionals who respond first, as they are already in a Zen dynamic throughout the season here. At the same time, we are trying to encourage other players to take advantage of this fortnight to offer vegetarian and detox menus or reduced entry prices for their relaxation areas.

In order to have a rich and varied programme, there is a lot of contact (face to face, by email or by phone).

Once the partners have been identified and the sequence of workshops has been established, it is time to communicate. We would like the workshops to be full. To do this, we have produced flyers and posters in conjunction with our communications department, and we have drafted information sheets to be added to our website and to the Coup de Coeur. I even promote it on the radio R’Méribel. Then word of mouth always works very well on the resort. Many people, especially locals and seasonal workers, are looking forward to the Zen programme!

And this famous programme, you can tell me about it?

This year, a great programme is on the way. The workshops are all centred around taking time out and allowing yourself to reconnect with nature and your inner self. Moreover, most of them take place in enchanting settings: Lake Tueda, the Plan de Tueda Nature Reserve Centre, the Altiport forest, the Saulire mid station’s relaxation chalet, the snow front. Other activities take place in the Mottaret hall or in the auditorium.

For the most curious, here are the activities you will find from March 25th to April 7th in Méribel:

  • moments shared in the open air
  • yoga
  • a documentary film-debate “Benevolent Farmers”,
  • a raw foods workshop (“crusine”),
  • massages,
  • shiatsu,
  • yoga for children,
  • Prana’Danse,
  • a conscious breathing circle,
  • cuddle therapy with the animals of the ranch,
  • a movement workshop based on Hebrew in connection with the Tarot de Marseille,
  • dance,
  • cardiac coherence,
  • guided meditation and shamanic drumming,
  • facial reflexology,
  • Bach flowers,
  • a workshop on plants,
  • an herbal tea bar with a lounge area,
  • a dietary workshop,
  • land art and Zen garden on snow.

I imagine that Zen Altitude also means a strong mobilisation of local professionals and your partners…

Yes, it is. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the partners and the socio-professionals who are involved in this event. Our collaborations are precious. So a big thank you to the Folie Douce for their dance initiation, to the Restaurant La Terrasse for its relaxation menu, to the restaurant le Clos Bernard for its well-being menu, to the Hotel Spa de l’AlpenRuitor for its special offers and to the Abreuvoir for its detox cocktail.

Moreover, this year Bonneval is a partner of the Zen Altitude. For example, you will find water tasting areas in the tourist offices.

Finally, what are your three favourite activities of the fortnight?

Firstly, the “crusine” workshop, as it allows people to learn to cook and to consider their nutrition in a different and original way. The aim is to cook raw products and to share a meal together.

Then, I would choose the cuddle therapy with the animals of the Ranch. This is both entertaining and very enjoyable. The objective is to be in contact with the animals, to share a sweet moment with them.

Finally, don’t miss the most original workshop of the Hebrew alphabet dance in connection with  Tarot de Marseille. It combines dance movements inspired by the Hebrew alphabet with the ancient tradition of the Tarot de Marseille. A must try!

I admit that the selection is difficult because this year we have some very interesting activities.

So, I am waiting for you from March 25th to April 7th!