Méribel France's first altiport

Discover the resort's flying club: the place to be for pilots who love the mountains.

Méribel flying club

If you’re looking for an exceptional place that brings together aviation enthusiasts in the heart of the Alps, the Méribel Flying Club is the place for you.

Here, flying is much more than a simple experience, it’s a priceless privilege, an invitation to explore the horizons and contemplate the mountains from a unique angle.

Nestling on the Altiport, a veritable symbol of aeronautical history, the club has embodied the spirit of Alpine aviation since it was founded by a group of enthusiasts in 1964, a few years after the creation of the very first altiport in the Alps in 1961.

Beyond the peaks, a passion for mountains and aviation

Training, commitment and respect

At the heart of its activity, the flying club is fully committed to training pilots for the mountain qualification, whether on wheels during the summer season or on skis during the enchanting winter. The fifteen-hour course is recognised by the European aeronautical authorities and opens the door to an exceptional world, with more than 50 landing sites in the Alps and Pyrenees, as well as a number of approved glaciers.

Flying in these demanding conditions is a veritable school of rigour, a constant quest for perfection and a pledge of humility towards the majesty of the mountains.

But the flying club is much more than just a training centre. It also embodies a spirit of respect and preservation of the natural environment, with great respect for the natural parks (Vanoise, Ecrins). The mountains are a source of inspiration and challenge, and they are its vigilant guardians. Its commitment to biodiversity and the harmonious balance between its sporting activities and the environment is deeply rooted in its values.

For example, the pilots do their utmost to fly high enough above the village with the engine down to ensure people’s peace and quiet; they don’t fly over herds; they avoid flying between midday and midnight, etc.

Discovery flights for a memorable air trip

In addition to its training vocation, the Méribel Flying Club also offers discovery flights for all those who enjoy a walk in magnificent surroundings and aerial discoveries from mid-June to October and mid-December to the end of April.

Whether you’re with family, friends or on your own, these unforgettable flights will give you a whole new perspective on Méribel and the surrounding area, offering breathtaking panoramas.

3 flights to discover the valley in a different way

  • Méribel discovery flight

    Take off on a unique adventure with the 15-minute Méribel discovery flight.
    You’ll have the chance to fly over the emblematic resort and take in all the sights.
  • Méribel-Courchevel discovery flight

    For 20 minutes, you’ll have a front-row seat to explore the two legendary resorts from a whole new angle.
    You’ll discover sumptuous landscapes in every season.
  • 3 Valleys discovery flight

    Discover the 3 Vallées ski area as you’ve never seen it before with this 30-minute discovery flight.
    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to fly over the Alps.

Spotlight on the flying club's aircraft

For discovery flights, the flying club favours the use of D140 Mousquetaire aircraft, spacious aircraft designed to accommodate up to 4 people, including the pilot.

With their panoramic canopy, the Mousquetaires offer a breathtaking view of the Alpine valleys, making every flight a memorable visual experience. Their power and robustness, equipped with a 180 hp engine and a cruising speed of 180 km/h, make them perfectly suited to the challenges of the mountains.

Thanks to these reliable, high-performance aircraft, you can escape to the heart of the Alps in complete confidence, for an aerial exploration you won’t soon forget.