Original downhill sports in Méribel, Savoie

July 03, 2024

…on your marks... get set... down ! 💨

We often talk about climbing a mountain and the pride we feel when we reach the top… But wait… 💡 Let’s switch things up!  No more clichés, the downhill isn’t just for slackers.

The descent is the pinnacle of the adventure, the moment when the effort of the climb is transformed into pure pleasure. The exhilaration mingles with the serenity of the Alpine landscape. Every move becomes a dance with the landscape, a celebration of speed and freedom, in complete safety.

For a change from the traditional downhill runs on foot or mountain bike, Méribel offers a number of original activities that allow you to descend in perfect harmony with the elements Air, water, earth. There’s something for everyone

Canyoning and rafting in the heart of les 3 Vallées

For those that like fresh water dips

💦 Rafting

Want to conquer the rivers that flow through our mountains? Rafting is for you! Kitted out with a helmet, wetsuit, life jacket and paddle, you’ll embark on a thrilling white-water adventure, letting yourself be carried along by the currents in a veritable aquatic ballet.

Whether you want to go rafting and have lunch in a restaurant, discover the Centron Gorges, go on a 2-hour rafting trip or enjoy a family discovery session…Our service providers offer a range of adventures supervised by qualified guides.

If you wish to take a stroll along the rivers

💦 Canyoning

How about following the path of the rivers for a wonderfully refreshing activity? The Méribel valley is ideal for canyoning. The waterfalls become natural slides, and you feel like a little cloud floating in the water..

For beginners, the Eau Rousse canyon is ideal. For a longer adventure, head to the Montmin canyon!


Canyoning in Méribel

Paragliding above the Alps

☁️ If you want to soar 

Have you ever dreamt of soaring over the majestic peaks of the Northern Alps, sharing the thermals with an eagle? Discover the weightlessness of paragliding in Méribel. High above forests, mountains and rivers, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Savoie on a magical flight over the 3 Valleys.


Our paradigling experience🪂

Scooter and skateboarding descent in the Savoie

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground…🌱

Electric scooters

Are you addicted to your electric scooter? Do you miss the self-service scooters that have been banned from Paris pavements? Then look no further! In the mountains too, the all-terrain electric scooter offers an exciting way to explore the surrounding area. For a safe, eco-responsible excursion, embark on a one- or two-hour ride with the wind in your hair, in complete safety. This activity is suitable for both moderate speed enthusiasts and intrepid adventurers.


Thinking of becoming a charismatic skateboarder or swapping your old board for an electric skateboard? Whether you’re on your own, with family or friends, take advantage of a supervised one-hour ride on an electric skateboard to discover the valley’s trails and parks.


And while mountain biking is a more traditional choice, it remains an entertaining means of transport that’s accessible to everyone. With 35 kilometres of trails to speed down, Méribel is truly a paradise for mountain bikers..

So, how about you, what will you try ?