Activities Summer

Downhill trails

11 downhill trails

That is more than 35 km of pure descent!

1 green, 3 blue, 4 red, 2 black et 1 double black

Tracks especially designed and developed for downhill mountain biking. Bends, humps, jumps and other obstacles make these courses exciting and help to improve your mountain biking skills. These tracks conform to French mountain biking guidelines (AFNOR NF S 52-110) in that they are marked off and access is not permitted to pedestrians.

This sport remains accessible to all thanks to trails like the Bike Slope, ideal for a gentle start. The green tracks are accessible to everyone (with a suitable bike, helmet and protective gear). The 4 red runs, the 2 black runs and the double black run are designed for experts and should guarantee great adrenaline rushes and breathtaking landscapes from the summits.

Instructors from the Méribel resort bike schools can really help you make the best of your downhill mountain bike holidays France. And will accompany you during lessons in a breathtaking atmosphere.

Enjoy your activity in great simplicity ! 

The ski lifts, open throughout the summer, allow you to easily reach the top of the slopes. In a few minutes they will drop you off on the different summits. Where you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views before beginning your downhill trail on marked off paths and access is not permitted to pedestrians. Enjoy your downhill mountain bike holidays France.

It is possible to rent your equipment year-round directly at the Méribel resort. Full suspension mountain bike, full face helmet and protections, you are ready to practice downhill mountain biking in complete safety!